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For 14 years, ISES' experts in international education have put students at the heart of everything we do - helping them to achieve their dreams of studying in the U.S.


Thank you for selecting ISES to help you identify a private school or university that will prepare you for professional success, global citizenship and a life filled with learning, meaning and value.

We are passionate about the life-changing journey you are beginning with us and committed to walking with you every step of the way.

For 14 years, ISES' experts in international education have helped thousands of students enroll in American private schools and universities that match their academic skills, career aspirations and desires for a variety of new social and cultural experiences. We look forward to doing the same for you.

ISES Advantage

ISES assists international students with placement into U.S. high schools and universities. The advantages of enlisting ISES' assistance for your students' international school, college or university school search, application and placement are many:

  • Choice of carefully selected, competitive and fully accredited universities and high schools with excellent academics
  • Support choosing among a variety of locations, range of prices and other advantages
  • One application for up to five choices
  • Convenience - applications accepted throughout the year
  • Fast response within one to three weeks about student's admission status
  • Housing and meals on campus and full participation in the extracurricular life of the school or university
  • ESL as necessary to ensure successful transition to rigorous academic study
  • Airport transfer to ensure high school students arrive safely at their destinations
  • Comprehensive ISES support from initial inquiry to enrollment and beyond
  • 24-hour Emergency Service available to students
  • Expert professional counselors and staff in the US and locally in-country

Our Commitment to You

Since beginning its placement services in 2004, ISES has established a world-wide reputation for providing excellent and highly personalized assistance to university and private school students.  As educators and parents ourselves, we feel it is our obligation and privilege to make your transition from international applicant to enrolled student as smooth, simple and straightforward as possible.  Our role is to prevent students and families from becoming overwhelmed by the process of identifying a suitable university or high school, completing the required documents, preparing for the visa interview and, finally, arranging the journey to a new academic and social environment. Moreover, ISES will continue to reach out to you via our Student Relations Manager who will act as your advocate and be available for assistance throughout your school or university experience.

We wish you the very best as you begin your remarkable journey.

Diane Y. Andres
Vice President for Enrollment & Operations

The ISES team


Tuukka Hinttula

Vice President of Global Recruitment, Direct Entry

Tuukka has over 15 years international student marketing and recruitment experience within the public and private HE sectors.

Between 2009 and 2016, Tuukka has held senior positions within the global sales team with INTO University Partnerships including the management of INTO’s regional office network. Based in Brighton, he is currently Vice President of Global Recruitment, Direct Entry, providing leadership and direction over a significant investment and expansion of INTO’s Direct Entry service. His responsibilities cover the strategic direction of this function to ensure INTO is optimally aligned and positioned to deliver growth in direct entry enrolments. 

Prior to joining INTO, Tuukka worked as an Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing at Kaplan, responsible for establishing and managing overseas recruitment offices and developing market strategies for a number of key student markets.

Before joining Kaplan, Tuukka was a Market Manager at Navitas (LIBT) group, again responsible for many aspects of the sales and student recruitment in general. Previously Tuukka was a Regional Manager at Thames Valley University where his career started.


Kim Lessig

Director Marketing & Recruitment

Kim joined the ISES team in 2017 and has been delighted to bring her background in the education space and digital marketing to support our partners in the US and agent partners throughout the world. Please reach out to her with any support you need in your marketing efforts or any requests for new partner support. She looks forward to meeting you!


David Shen

Executive Director Marketing & Recruitment - China

David Shen has an established leadership role in China’s international education sector. He joined the industry over 20 years ago, in 1997, and his extensive expertise has covered educational programs in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Singapore, and Ireland. In 2007, David jointly established the ISES China Regional Office with Betty Luo. David built up ISES China from day one, leading on business development and marketing, leaving a solid legacy. ISES China has an unrivalled reputation as the longest-running and most respected US placement program in China. With Betty, David also cofounded the Developing Partner Unit (DPU), an aggregator agency specializing in assisting Chinese students access INTO University Partnership’s premium programs in the UK and North America. DPU has since established one of the most powerful nationwide subagent networks. David treats his staff as his extended family, striving to provide them with development opportunities in a work environment that is both professional and cheerful.


Betty Luo

Marketing Director - China

Betty Luo is one of two Co-Founders of ISES China. She is a pioneer of the international education industry in China, in which she has been a recognized and respected leader for over 20 years. For a decade, she worked in a high-profile Shanghai-based educational agency, specializing in Australian programs. In 2007, Betty established the ISES China Regional Office with David Shen, expanding her expertise to cover North America. In her role as Marketing Director, Betty assisted thousands of eligible Chinese students enter prestigious ISES US high schools and universities. Betty guided her own daughter, Ivy, to study in an ISES partner school. Ivy, who entered the US in Grade 9, is now completing her higher education in prestigious Boston College. Betty derives immense personal satisfaction in assisting Chinese students fulfill their lifelong study-abroad aspirations.


Lucy Lu

Senior Manager - Sales and Operations - China

Lucy benefits from a decade of experience in the study-abroad industry. She demonstrates profound knowledge of the US education system, covering the high school and university sectors. Lucy leads and manages a team of Sales and Marketing professionals across China, to work in partnership with education agents to recruit eligible students to ISES’s partner high schools and universities in the US. She adeptly manages all aspects of ISES China operations, ranging from the tracking of student applications, to the implementation of partner reward schemes. Lucy holds a Bachelor Degree in English Literature and Composition from the Shanghai International Studies University, and has proudly achieved the highest level (TEM8) in China’s Test for English Majors.


Evening Jin

Post-Arrival Services Manager and Care Counsellor - China

Evening Jin has over 10 years of experience in the international education sector. She has a deep understanding of the needs of students (and their parents) as they embark on their study-abroad journey. Evening possesses exemplary communication skills, and this allows her to put parents at ease and proactively anticipate and resolve issues that students encounter abroad. Evening joined ISES China four years ago as its dedicated Post-Arrival Services Manager and Care Counsellor, providing pastoral care to Chinese students in ISES partner high schools in the US. She finds it richly rewarding to nurture young students as they grow, mature, and fulfill their dreams of studying overseas.


Yujin Kang

Recruitment and Marketing Manager - Korea

Jinny brings over 20 years of personal study abroad experience to her role with INTO and ISES. She studied IB in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States. These personal experiences bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for international education, allowing her to fully understand and guide students and parents throughout their study-abroad journey. In her role as Recruitment and Marketing Manager (Korea), Jinny assists eligible Korean students enter both INTO and ISES US high schools and universities. Prior to joining INTO/ISES team in Korea, Jinny spent time working for Kaplan as well as the University of Michigan.

Find the Right Program

Wondering if we have the program you are looking for?  International Student Education Services offers swift, personalized placement for international students seeking admission to U.S. schools at several different levels of education:

  • Boarding Schools and Private Day Schools for students who seek a rigorous college preparatory program that will virtually guarantee university acceptance and will help prepare them for high-ranking, academically challenging undergraduate programs.
  • ESL programs for those who must strengthen their English language skills prior to enrolling or in conjunction with a preparatory school academic program.

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