Why Private School?

Almost 100 percent of private school graduates who apply to university are accepted—often to a top tier institution.

Why Private School?

The boarding program

Typically, boarding schools are located in suburban or rural communities where there is sufficient space for an expansive campus that, in addition to classrooms and administrative offices, contains many amenities such as playing fields, dining halls, dormitories, tennis courts, gymnasiums, auditoriums,
theatres, music practice rooms, art studios, swimming pools, hockey arenas and so on. It is not uncommon for the head of school to live on campus
in addition to some faculty and administrative staff, as well as dorm parents.

Students in a boarding program are very closely supervised by a team that includes teachers, academic advisors, dorm parents, athletic coaches and the dean of students office. Expectations for academic achievement and personal development are very high. While the many resources of the school will be focused on helping you achieve your unique potential, you, in turn, will be expected to take responsibility for your growth as a leader and a contributing member of your school community.

The private day school program

It is not uncommon for some international students to prefer to live with a host family while attending school. In this case, ISES would facilitate your
application to the private day school program and work with the school to ‘match’ you with a host family where you will be warmly welcomed. Private day schools usually are found in urban or suburban communities. Therefore, the facilities may not be as extensive as those at boarding schools. Nevertheless,
the academics and the standards for behavior are equally as demanding. Living in a family environment also brings a different set of challenges. You will
be regarded as a regular member of the family and expected to adapt to your host family’s principles, rules and regulations. Such a total immersion in
American culture and family life can be immensely rewarding for a mature and flexible student. Rather than relying upon a distant network of individuals who often work for several organizations simultaneously, ISES only partners with private schools that identify their own host families and monitor the placements. Based on personal interviews, the exchange of student and host family profiles, and home visits, the school will make a conscientious effort to identify a host family that is a compatible match for the student. Such an arrangement helps ensure a satisfying connection with the family and meaningful communication between the school, the host-parents, the student and ISES.

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